Multipurpose washers with 600x500 mm rack and higher clearances.

What does multipurpose dishwasher mean? It means you can wash any dishes and professional crockery no matter of their shape and type while saving Time and Space! It means you can count on a reliable ally at work all the time.

COMPACT & POWERFUL: With an extremely compact design, they offer a great washing capacity to face even the most aggressive dirt.



  • PF46 R
  • PFS90 R
  • HCXL R
  • DIVA
Food Preparation

Dishes, crockery, trays, containers and even the bulkiest items of any shape and size can be easily washed.

Great Performances, Extreme Flexibility

Quicker turnaround for your kitchen utensils and supplies as well as crockery and cutlery, serving trays, meal trays

Thanks to our 600x500mm Oversized rack you can upgrade your washing capacity.

Stainless steel rotating upper and lower wash and rinse arms are designed to guarantee excellent results.

PF46 R - Multipurpose Undercounter Unit

PF46 R - Multipurpose Undercounter Unit

Our compact solution.

Thanks to a 400 mm clearance and an extra size rack (500x600 mm) you are always ready to wash, while you can focus on your customers.

Also available with a base stand designed for improved ERGONOMICS and STORAGE POSSIBILITY.


PFS90 R - Front Loading standalone washers

PFS90 R - Front Loading standalone washers

A standalone machine renowned for its adaptability and ergonomic design that requires no bending down to load the machine.

Thanks to a 500 mm clearance and an extra size rack (500x600 mm) you are always ready to wash Kitchen Utensils, trays, baking pans and containers.


HCXL R - The wide body pass through option

HCXL R - The wide body pass through option

Functional, durable, reliable and adaptable, the HCXL R always delivers great performance and results, because the final word on a great clean should be clear.


- Oversised wash chamber 520 mm clearance.
- Designed to wash GN 2/1 pans.

-Standard 500x500 mm rack fit perfectly in.


DIVA - Double Up Your DishLoad

DIVA - Double Up Your DishLoad

DIVA is the ultimate productivity maximiser.

Pratical, extremly compact, unique on the market, it allows you to wash twice as many dishes in half the time.

The innovative design of DIVA allows you to use two racks (600x500 mm) at the same time and a removable central arm: creating a 905 mm clearance washing chamber.



Solutions for every sector!

Our compact multipurpose solutions are designed for all activities requiring a good variety of items to be washed quickly and efficiently, meeting the highest hygiene standards: HCare Facilities, Qsr&Bistrots, Pastry&Bakeries, Supermarlet&Groceries, Events Catering and Butcheries.

Perfect for tight spaces where you need to make the most of every inch!

Superior Hygiene

Our Multipurpose Washers guarantee perfect sanitisation of the crockery, removing food residue and microbes in compliance with current regulations.

The high washing (50°C - 60°C) and rinsing temperatures (85°C), with contact times in line with the German standard DIN 10534 guarantee maximum levels of hygiene, preventing cross contamination.



RCD - Rinse Control Device

The RCD system, available on all models as a standard, maintains constant water pressure and temperature duting the entire washing cycle.



RED - Automatic Soil Removal

Innovative and entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, the external filtration filter accumulates the soil coming from the prewash module keeping the system clean. The external filter can be removed and cleaned even while the machine is running.

Available on HCXL R and DIVA.

- No Downtime
- Faster Operations
- Reduce water consumption
- Outstanding Results


Eco2: Economy & Ecology

ECO2 is proof that we take our approach to ecological sustainability very seriously.
This is our commitment to cutting operational costs by reducing water, chemicals and energy consumption.



CRC/CRC2 - Heat Recovery units and steam condenser

Our heat recovery system and steam condenser - available on PFS90 R and HCXL R - uses the heat already generated to heat up incoming water.

Less water required, reduced heating needs, fewer chemicals or detergents involved - together, they positively impact your bottom line.

It eliminates the need for extraction hood (subject to local HVAC codes) and allows the unit to be connected to cold water feed.

- More Comfortable Work Environment
- Energy Coonsumption: - 35%
- No Maintenance required

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The Spirit of Excellence

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